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Stephen Olsen

Senior Project Manager

Stephen left behind the gridlock of Southern California for the fresh mountain air of Montana and hasn’t regretted it. While he immediately traded in his lifted F150 for the quintessential Subaru Outback, he never let go of his Rainbow Sandals. Don’t be surprised to see sandal tracks in the snow!

While studying Geology at the University of Montana, Stephen was an accomplished Cymbalist and Bass Drummer in the Grizzly Marching Band. It wasn’t long before “the mountains are calling and I must go” did Stephen trade up from the hills of Missoula to the Mountains of Bozeman. He enjoys several hobbies such as Curling, camping, mountain biking, and Hikaru Dorodango. Stephen is a proud member of the Museum of the Rockies and can be found there quite often, trying his hardest to pronounce the names of Dinosaurs for his two children. Sciuridae, particularly the tree kind, and corvids are his favorite animals, and when he isn’t on the lookout for them, he’s likely keeping a keen eye on the ground for the next rock to add to his collection.

Stephen has been with GGC since 2018 and brings almost two decades of experience in Project Management, Home Improvement and Construction. When he isn’t bidding on projects, ordering plants, or showing off his Bluebeam skills in the office, don’t be surprised if Stephen is the last one on a jobsite, admiring the work of his skillful team. Stephen is said to have a “plant addiction” but he argues, “that it’s just part of the job, and the bigger the job – the more plants I get to buy!”

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